Air Ducts

Air Duct service.
Air Duct service.


Chances are, the air ducts in your home are fabricated from either galvanized steel, aluminum, polyurethane and phenolic panels, fiberglass duct board, or flexible ducting—or a combination of these materials.
When your ducts were new, they may or may not have been correctly installed and insulated. If they were not, you could have been experiencing leaks and issues all along.
Our installers will seal the seams between duct pieces and at connections. Where necessary, they insulate them. An inexperienced installer may use the wrong materials to seal the seams or execute the job poorly. Either way, you suffer the consequences.
Even if your air ducts were installed well, over time seam seals and duct insulation break down, allowing leakage. Materials can shift and rust as well, also causing leaks.


Can help your heating and cooling system to work at optimal efficiency

Your indoor air quality (IAQ) will improve

You lose less airflow to leaks and holes

Studies show you can save up to 40 percent on your energy costs after sealing those ducts! Call Garneski Air Conditioning & Heating and schedule a free consultation to learn more about duct sealing.

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