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Air Conditioning Services in Sterling, VA

Looking for assistance with your air conditioning (AC) unit? Garneski Air Conditioning & Heating is a trusted name for all your heating and cooling needs in Virginia.

Our licensed professionals can expertly install, repair, and maintain any piece of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment inside your Sterling home. We make comfort a priority.

Upgrade and Save on Your Air Conditioner

How long have you owned your air conditioning unit? If you bought it more than 10 years ago, consider an upgrade. HVAC technology has become much more efficient since you bought your last air conditioner. Upgrading to a new model could cut your energy costs by up to 40 percent, according to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE).

How Do Air Conditioners Work?

Contrary to popular belief, your air conditioner does not add cold air to your home, it actually removes heat and humidity. In simple terms, the equipment harvests warmth and humidity from the air and sends it outside. From there, fans blow the leftover chilled air through your ductwork and into your living space. 

As technology evolves, advancements have been made in how air conditioners work too. Today’s ductless mini splits in Sterling, VA offer a convenient alternative to the older air conditioning and heating units which require ducts. It allows each room to have its own temperature and installation is much less intrusive. Air is still sent to an exterior AC unit, but the efficiency is greatly improved, which lowers costs. Troubleshooting, maintenance and repair costs are also more affordable.

Your air conditioning unit has four main components:

  • Evaporator coil
  • Compressor
  • Expansion valve
  • Condenser

Your air conditioner uses a chemical called refrigerant to absorb heat. You may be familiar with Freon, the most common name brand of refrigerants.

Here’s how the cooling cycle works: 

  1. The evaporator coil extracts heat from inside your home. The refrigerant soaks up the heat.
  2. The compressor puts pressure on the refrigerant.
  3. The condenser releases the heat outdoors.
  4. The expansion valve regulates the refrigerant’s flow back to the evaporator.

Air Conditioner Installation and Replacement

Should you get a new air conditioner or keep the old one? As a homeowner, you’ll have to answer that question at some point and it’s not always an easy decision. On average, cooling units last 12 to 14 years with good maintenance. What you don’t want to do is have to choose a replacement air conditioning unit in Sterling, VA because your unit dies. This emergency forces you to make a quick decision which may not be the right long-term choice for you. 

If you have to repair your air conditioning unit frequently, do the smart thing and start looking for a replacement now. Talk to our specialists in Sterling, VA and let us show you the best ways to save money and avoid uncomfortable warm days without AC.

Besides age, here are some signs it’s time to get a new AC:

  • Strange noises: Loud or unusual noises coming from the AC unit may indicate issues with the fan motor, compressor, or other internal components. 
  • Leaking water: Water pooling around the AC unit can be caused by a blocked condensate line or a malfunctioning pump.
  • High energy or repair costs
  • High humidity levels
  • Insufficient cooling

Like an old car that you have to keep taking to the shop, an air conditioner that frequently breaks down is likely ready for retirement. Repair costs add up quickly. At some point, it may be more cost-effective to upgrade.

Our team at Garneski Air Conditioning & Heating will work closely with you to find a cooling solution that fits your home and budget. With the finest equipment and a team of qualified HVAC experts, we’re ready to deliver a product that exceeds your expectations.

Be sure to ask about our flexible financing solutions designed to meet your specific needs. Purchase the HVAC system your family deserves today.

What Is a Good SEER Rating?

The term SEER stands for seasonal energy efficiency ratio. It measures how much energy your air conditioning system uses to operate. The higher the SEER number, the more efficiently your air conditioner will run.

How Much Money Can a New Air Conditioner Save You?

Our specially trained comfort advisor can help determine how much you could save on your utility bills. Simply book an appointment today and he will compute your current unit’s SEER value and compare it to a newer, more efficient SEER2 system. He can even customize it to better match your home’s system for a more accurate calculation.

Sterling Air Conditioner Repairs

A comfortable home is a perfect antidote to the hot summers we experience in Virginia. That’s why air conditioning problems can place a major burden on your household.

Here are some signs your cooling equipment needs repair:

  • System short-cycles or won’t turn on
  • Layers of frost (freeze-ups)
  • Odd noises or smells

Don’t delay if you think there’s a problem with your system. Call Garneski Air Conditioning & Heating today and schedule an appointment. You can expect a prompt response.

Our specialists have years of experience and regularly train on new equipment. We’re problem-solving experts. Additionally, all of our repairs come with accurate quotes and excellent warranties.

Air conditioners always tend to break on the hottest days, whether it is the weekend or a holiday. At Garneski Air Conditioning & Heating, we offer repair services when you need us all year long.

Air Conditioner Maintenance

Every spring, remember to schedule a check-up for your air conditioner. That way, your cooling equipment can run at peak performance all summer. Check the owner’s manual and you will see it likely requires regular maintenance to keep the warranty valid on your air conditioning equipment.

Here are just a few of the vital maintenance tasks a technician needs to perform on your AC:

  • Inspect for and replace broken parts
  • Measure refrigerant levels for leakage

Maintenance has many benefits. It keeps your air conditioner clean and fully operational. It also gives our HVAC specialists a chance to fix minor malfunctions before they become major issues like an expensive part replacement.

Call today to schedule your check-up. Additionally, check out our Service Agreement designed for your needs. Our maintenance agreements provide appointment reminders, discounts, priority service, and more.

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