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There is nothing more frustrating for Manassas, VA homeowners than having to deal with an HVAC system that suddenly no longer works. It doesn’t matter if it happens in the dead of winter or high heat of summer, going without heat and air conditioning (AC) is not only uncomfortable – it’s incredibly dangerous. With rising temperatures and increased vulnerability for certain family members, the high heat of summer without proper cooling can be catastrophic. Going without heat in the cold winter months is unacceptable. When these situations happen, Manassas, VA homeowners, and businesses call upon Garneski Air Conditioning & Heating.

So, why has Garneski Air Conditioning & Heating become the best and most reliable HVAC system repair company in Manassas, VA? Some say it’s because of our highly-trained, experienced, and seasoned HVAC technicians and contractors who just seem to have a knack for fixing just about anything HVAC-related. Others say it’s because of our multiple repair discounts and proactive service maintenance plans. Yet, other Manassas, VA homeowners and businesses say it’s because we’re the most reliable and trusted HVAC repair or replacement resource.

If you’re experiencing AC or HVAC issues and need HVAC service in Fairfax, VA – or just want to deal with an HVAC contractor and service company that will respond immediately to your problems, then Garneski Air Conditioning & Heating is here to serve. We’re homeowners and business owners ourselves. We understand that maintaining a comfortable living and working environment is critical.

Here are some of the HVAC services and the most common AC repairs we perform for our Manassas, VA customers.

Common Air Conditioning Repairs

Our HVAC service in Gainesville, VA often involves helping our residential and commercial customers resolve critical issues with their AC unit. Some of the most common AC unit repairs include cleaning and replacing AC filters, ensuring your home or business’s AC ducts are clean and properly sealed off, repairing electrical connections, and checking your AC unit’s evaporator coils and compressor, while ensuring your AC unit’s refrigerant lines aren’t damaged.

AC Unit Evaporator Coils and Compressor

A common AC repair problem is when a home or business suddenly feels warm or full of hot air instead of cooled air. Oftentimes, this issue is caused by damaged, ripped, or pinched refrigerant lines. Sometimes, it’s caused by dust build-up on evaporator coils which affects the AC unit’s ability to keep your home or business cool.

When dirt, grime, or dust accumulates on your AC unit’s evaporator coils, it forces the AC unit’s compressor to run more – or to run at a much higher rate. This is when you’ll see ice or condensation on an evaporator coil.

Filter Cleaning and Replacement

Often overlooked, a clogged air filter that is full of dust, debris, or dirt can cause your AC unit to work much harder to keep your home cool. That forces your AC unit to run higher, which results in higher electricity bills and a less-than-ideal temperature.

Electrical Connections and Damaged Fan

This is an all-too-familiar issue with outdoor AC units. Extreme weather events like high winds can easily disconnect or damage your AC unit’s electrical connections or dislodge the fan just enough for it to rub up against other components. Whether it’s a buildup of twigs, sticks, or other obstructions that are positioned too close to your AC unit, it’s not uncommon for these issues to impact your AC unit’s performance.

What Our HVAC Services Include

Unlike other Manassas, VA HVAC companies that try to push you to purchase a new HVAC system or AC unit, Garneski Air Conditioning & Heating focuses on giving you the best possible and most cost-effective solution. That’s why we’re renowned for our multiple service offerings and ability to help our Manassas, VA homeowners and business owners reduce costs with quiet, energy-efficient HVAC systems and solutions.

Our vast list of HVAC repair services includes annual checkups where we ensure your HVAC system is working and cycling properly. It includes installing our infamous automated zone control systems – an ingenious solution that allows you to set different temperatures and conditions for the rooms in your home or offices in your business.

We are also well-known for our energy-efficient selection and installation of heat pumps for our Manassas, VA residential and commercial customers. These heat pumps are far more efficient and much less costly than older, outdated baseboard or electric furnace heating systems – saving you money on your monthly electricity bills.

We also offer a wide range of repair services that ensure the optimal air quality throughout your home. This is an essential service that helps those who suffer the debilitating effects of asthma and allergies from dust-born air particles, pollutants, poor ventilation, dampness and other allergens.

Whether it is simply a case of changing your HVAC filters, inspecting, and cleaning your air ducts, eliminating potential mold and mildew hazards, installing a precision-engineered Aprilaire dehumidifier or installing a Sanuvox air purification system, we have the solutions to improve your home or business’s air quality and comfort.

In those extremely hot summer months, when temperatures soar, our Garneski Air Conditioning & Heating service technicians are on standby for any issues with your AC unit. Whether it’s the compressor, a damaged evaporator coil, a fractured or cracked fan, a condenser that needs replacement, or your AC lacks refrigerant, our technicians have the experience, knowledge, and capabilities to immediately address any AC issues and provide a workable solution.

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