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In the heat of summer, when temperatures in Virginia can often soar well past 90 degrees and reach 100 degrees or higher, dealing with a non-working AC unit isn’t just uncomfortable – it’s downright dangerous. For senior citizens and those suffering from asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD), an AC unit that’s not working is a serious cause for alarm. Whether it’s the high heat of summer or cold temperatures of winter, in Arlington, VA, homeowners and businesses trust Garneski Air Conditioning & Heating to solve all their HVAC-related problems.

Since 1980, Garneski Air Conditioning & Heating has been a Northern Virginia mainstay and synonymous with first-rate, high-quality, and reliable AC and HVAC emergency servicing and repair. Our HVAC services in Alexandria, VA are built on over 40 years of helping homeowners and business owners with all their HVAC maintenance, repair, upkeep, and replacement needs.

Unlike other HVAC contractors with limited service capabilities, Garneski Air Conditioning & Heating provides a complete solution. Our customers know we have experienced HVAC technicians and service offerings to help them with any HVAC problems.

So, what are some of the HVAC services our Arlington, VA customers rely on, and what are some of the types of HVAC units we service?

Our HVAC Services

Our HVAC services include providing scheduled HVAC and AC maintenance, installation, inspection, and repair. We then complement these emergency services with excellent HVAC equipment, such as our energy-efficient heat pumps, ductless HVAC systems, air handlers that ensure optimal air circulation, and dual-fuel HVAC systems that combine the efficiency and reliability of a furnace with an affordable, dependable air-source heat pump.

As important as these solutions are, an argument can easily be made that it’s our immediate response to HVAC emergencies that our Arlington, VA customers appreciate best. Ensuring that our HVAC technicians have nothing but the very best diagnostic equipment and training, Garneski Air Conditioning & Heating has the resources to keep your HVAC system running smoothly. 

From fixing issues with your gas furnace, to repairing water heaters, or installing a dual-fuel HVAC system, we’re here to help save you money by offering all of the following:

  • HVAC system repair, servicing, installation, inspection, and maintenance.
  • Vast selection of HVAC system parts and components.
  • Water heater and heat pump repair and servicing.
  • Installation of air handlers and dual-fuel HVAC systems.

Signs That Your HVAC System Needs To Be Repaired

There are a couple of warning signs that your HVAC system needs maintenance, servicing, or repair. Paying close attention to each of these warning signs helps you save money while ensuring your HVAC system has a long service life.

  • Loud Screeching or Clanking Noises: One of the most common warning signs that exist with your HVAC system is if you’re hearing loud screeching, banging, or rattling noises emerging from your outside AC unit or your interior heat system. It could be a dislodged fan that is creating high heat and friction against the compressor or rattling from an unsecured old fan.
  • Odors and Strong Smells: Another common warning sign includes experiencing strange, noxious odors like something burning. A burnt plastic or metal smell is one warning sign, but any smell that seems unnatural could indicate serious problems with your HVAC system. In some situations, it could point to mold or mildew build-up within your air ducts or a dislodged metal component that’s meeting electrical parts.
  • Leaks and Humidity: Problems with your HVAC system often include leaks and excessively high humidity. Your HVAC system works properly when it lowers the humidity in your home or business. An increase in humidity needs to be addressed.
  • Poor Airflow or “Hot” or “Warm” Air: If your AC unit is on, but all you feel is warm air, then something is amiss. In other instances, there’s cool air emerging, but the airflow is low.
  • A Non-Working Thermostat: Yes, something as mundane as a thermostat not working properly could point to HVAC issues. If your thermostat is showing one temperature, but your home or office has another temperature, then both your thermostat and HVAC system need inspection.
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The Different Types of HVAC Units We Service

In Arlington, VA, there is no shortage of HVAC units and types that our highly-trained and experienced HVAC technicians and team can service, repair and replace. While Garneski Air Conditioning & Heating carries, installs, and services Carrier, we have extensive experience with a wide range of other HVAC systems and manufacturers.

We can service Lennox International, Amana, York, Bryant, Ruud, Rheem, Trane, and Heil systems in addition to lesser-known HVAC systems like Goodman and Coleman. We ensure our HVAC technicians are always aware of the latest new equipment and servicing requirements.

What Sets Garneski Apart from the Competition?

Garneski Air Conditioning & Heating is proud of its complete service offering. Our entire team provides the best possible HVAC service to all our Arlington, VA customers. Whether it’s the homeowner who has recently experienced problems with their AC unit in the sweltering heat of summer, or the business owner who suddenly has problems with heating in all their offices, our HVAC service technicians and entire team always come through.

What ultimately sets Air Conditioning & Heating apart from the competition is our reliability. Whether it’s providing first-rate installation or repair service, helping you reduce costs, offering more energy efficient solutions, or ensuring you and your family are always comfortable, it’s our service reliability that is beyond reproach. Don’t let another moment wait, contact us today and book your appointment to see what we can do for you!