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How to Lower Your Winter Heating Bill

Wintertime is here. That means your family will be spending more time indoors to stay warm.

Let’s face it: running your furnace gets expensive. Heating alone accounts for over 40 percent of the average American’s utility bill, according to a US Department of Energy (DOE) analysis. Staying warm can be a costly proposition.

We can help. Garneski Air Conditioning & Heating wishes more of our Virginia customers knew about the simple ways to cut heating costs during the winter. Some require a small financial investment, but some are free and incredibly simple with a little diligence. 

In our many years of experience, here are some of the most effective strategies to save on heating: 

Tweaking Your Thermostat

A great way to lower your heating bill is to only use as much heat as you need. We recommend a temperature setting of 68 degrees Fahrenheit during the winter. For even bigger savings, lower the thermostat a few degrees before bed. Also, be sure to lower your heat before leaving Sterling home.

It’s not always easy to remember to do this manually. That’s why we recommend purchasing a programmable or smart thermostat to automate the process for you. 

Shutting Doors

Lots of open space makes heat disperse faster. That’s why you should keep the doors to bedrooms and bathrooms closed wherever possible. Your living space will stay warmer for longer, thus creating fewer cycles for your heating equipment. In addition to using less energy, you’ll also be preserving the lifespan of your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment.