Sterling Emergency Furnace Repair & Maintenance

Don’t let a failed furnace leave your family sick and uncomfortable all winter! Call Garneski Air Conditioning & Heating when you need 24 hour furnace repair!

At Garneski Air Conditioning & Heating, we know that when you have an emergency furnace situation, you don’t have time to wait around for an appointment. That’s why our technicians are standing by 24/7, for emergency furnace repair in Sterling, VA. Don’t panic when you have a furnace issue, call us!

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Does Your Flame Sensor Need Repair?

Your furnace’s flame sensor ensures your furnace is fired up and ready to go. If the gas valve is open and the furnace isn’t running, the natural gas can leak out of the system and into your home where it can cause many problems. The flame sensor shuts down the valve when the furnace isn’t firing. If your furnace short cycles or your flame sensor is corroded, call a furnace repair service immediately to avoid disaster.

Signs You Need Emergency Furnace Service

A gas furnace is a complex machine, and when you’re dealing with combustible gas, there’s no such thing as a little problem. If you notice any of the following issues, call a furnace service company.

  • Electrical problems like breaker trips, buzzing, or flickering lights when your furnace comes on are signs of serious trouble.
  • Unusual furnace noises like squealing, popping, grinding, or whining require immediate attention.
  • If you smell gas in the home, get out right away and call a 24 hour furnace repair company.
  • If your furnace won’t stay on or can’t maintain temperature, call for help.

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How to Maintain Your Furnace

Replacing a furnace is an expensive job that most homeowners would like to avoid. The best way to ensure your furnace runs efficiently and lasts a long time is to conduct regular maintenance. Here are a few tips to keeping your furnace healthy.

  • Keep your filter clean
  • Ensure proper blower motor function
  • Beef up your home’s insulation to reduce the stress on the furnace
  • Keep vents free from blockages
  • Call an HVAC specialist and ask about furnace tune up service

Whether you need a new furnace installation or 24 hour furnace repair, call Garneski Air Conditioning & Heating in the Sterling, VA area at 703-659-4598.