Heating & Air Conditioning Repairs in Gainesville, VA

If you expected a cool oasis to come home only to find out it’s now a hot house, call Garneski Air Conditioning & Heating for emergency AC repair!

Here in Gainesville, VA, residents know how brutal the summers can be with temperatures soaring into the upper parts of the thermometer. If you’re experiencing AC failure or if your AC isn’t keeping you as comfortable as it should, call us and see if you need a tune-up or a new air conditioning installation and replacement.

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Is Your AC About to Fail? Don’t Ignore These Warning Signs!

The last thing you need during the peak summer months is for your AC to give out. Fortunately, your system gives off warning signs telling you it’s not healthy and you need to call an air conditioning service company. Don’t ignore these signs!

  • Lack of cold air
  • Unusual sounds like grinding or squealing
  • Low or poor air flow
  • Foul odors like burning smells or musty odors
  • AC can’t maintain proper temperature
  • AC can’t keep rooms the same temperature
  • AC cycles on and off

Do This to Ensure Your Air Conditioner Lasts a Long Time

Getting the most use out of your expensive air conditioner saves money on expensive repairs and replacement. Here are some tips to keep your AC running smoothly and reliably for years.

  • Change the filters regularly
  • Keep your ducts clean and free from obstruction
  • Keep vents clear
  • Make sure your drain tube isn’t clogged
  • Call a professional HVAC company and ask for their air conditioner maintenance and tune up service package

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Why Hire Garneski Air Conditioning & Heating?

Here in Gainesville, we know you have options when hiring a central AC repair company. But consider this when deciding who to call.

  • We’ve built up trust over 30 years of helping the Gainesville residents
  • We have an A+ rating with the BBB
  • We offer 24/7 emergency AC repair and support
  • We give flat rate pricing with no surprises and no up charges

Don’t Ignore These Symptoms of a Failing Furnace

Like any complex machine, your furnace is prone to breaking down the older it gets. To avoid complete failure, it’s important to get to know the warning signs telling you your furnace is in bad shape, including:

  • Lack of hot air
  • Low air flow
  • Strange noises like grinding, popping or squealing
  • Air doesn’t get as warm as it used to
  • Your furnace cycles on and off rapidly

Getting these minor problems fixed now ensures you won’t experience furnace failure when you depend on it.

How to Ensure Your Furnace Lasts

No one wants to think about having a new furnace installed; it’s expensive and it’s a hassle. The key to ensuring your furnace remains efficient and lasts as long as possible is to perform regular maintenance such as:

  • Changing the filters
  • Making sure the vents are clear
  • Checking the blower motor for proper function
  • Call a professional for furnace maintenance and tune-ups at least once a year

Expert HVAC Technicians Serving Gainesville, VA

Imagine coming home out of the cold, expecting a warm oasis, only to find your heater has failed and now your home is like a refrigerator instead. When you have a sudden heater failure, you need a reliable company that can be there right now to fix it day or night. Call Garneski Air Conditioning & Heating when you need emergency heating service.

We’ve been in business for over 30 years. Check out our story and then call us for an appointment.

Can’t Decide Between Repairing or Replacing Your Furnace?

Most of us would rather repair our heater or furnace than replace it because it’s cheaper and less of a pain. But sometimes, getting a new furnace installation and replacement is the best move. If your furnace is over 20 years old, it’s at the end of its useful life and a replacement is needed. Also, if the repairs are becoming more frequent on your current unit, the money is better spent on a new, high efficiency system. Last, if the cost of the repair is more than half of the cost of new, getting a new furnace makes more financial sense.

Before you call anyone else for your air conditioning installation and replacement, call Garneski Air Conditioning & Heating if you’re in the Gainesville, VA area. Call today at 703-659-4598.