Ductless Mini Split AC System in Sterling

If you think your home is too small or won’t accept an air conditioner, there’s good news for you! Call Garneski Air Conditioning & Heating today and ask about a ductless mini split air conditioner installation.

Many people live in homes without ductwork or small apartments and think they can’t get effective cooling because they can’t get a central AC. However, with a ductless mini split system, you can not only get effective cooling throughout your home, you can do it without the hassle or expense of cutting into the walls to install ducts.

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Benefits of a Ductless Mini Split AC

Perhaps you’ve never heard of a ductless mini split AC system before, but did you know they’re the perfect choice for many homeowners who want whole-house cooling without the hassle? Here are five advantages to getting one of these versus a central AC.

  • Flexibility: Ductless mini split systems use a small outdoor unit and one or more indoor one, which can be mounted almost anywhere for greater flexibility than a central AC system.
  • Money Savings: Ductless systems are more efficient than central AC systems that lose a lot of cooling via ductwork. This efficiency saves energy and money.
  • Better Air Quality: Ductless systems use advanced filtration systems to ensure you get the cleanest air in your home.
  • Easier Installation: Since you don’t have to cut through walls to install ducts, a ductless system is quick and simple to install and can be set up in a day.
  • More Efficient: With ductless systems, you can choose to only cool one room of the house if you choose, which makes it more efficient and cuts down your carbon footprint.

How to Maintain Your Ductless Mini Split System

To ensure your air conditioner functions effectively, you must maintain it regularly. Here are some tips to keep your system running right and yourself cool.

  • Keep the outside of the unit clean and free of debris
  • Make sure your system is unobstructed. Give it at least 4 feet all around for maximum operation
  • Remove and clean the filters every month
  • Keep the coil and condenser clean
  • Call a professional for regular maintenance and tune ups

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How Long Does it Take to Install a Ductless Mini Split AC?

One of the many benefits to installing a ductless system is the time of installation is cut way down compared to a traditional central AC. While a central AC system involves much work and many days to install, a ductless system can be installed in just about a day. If you’re interested in the other benefits of having one of these units, call us and let us assess your needs and recommend a solution.

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