Emergency AC Repair in Centreville

Are you sick of your AC not keeping you as cool and comfortable as it used to? Call Garneski Air Conditioning & Heating today for our air conditioner maintenance and tune up service.

At Garneski Air Conditioning & Heating, we’ve been providing Centreville, VA residents with 5-star central AC repair for over 30 years. Our trained technicians have seen every HVAC problem you can think of, so we know just how to get your system working again. Call us today with your air conditioning issue and give us the chance to earn your business.

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5 Tips to Troubleshoot Your Broken AC

When it’s summer, you need your AC to work to keep your family comfortable. But sometimes, you turn it on and get nothing. Before you panic, check out these tips to identify the problem.

  • Check Your Circuit Breaker: Make sure your AC has power and the breakers haven’t tripped
  • Check the Thermostat: It may sound too simple, but check the thermostat and make sure it’s set to COOL and the room temp is set to where you want it
  • Inspect Your Air Filter: If the air filter is dirty, it can impede the AC causing it to shut down
  • Check the AC Switch: If your AC has an ON/OFF switch, make sure it’s ON
  • Unclog the Drain Pan: If your drain pan is full, or the tube is clogged, it can cause the AC to fail

If you’ve tried everything else and still get nothing, call Garneski Air Conditioning & Heating for emergency AC repair.

Signs of a Failing Air Conditioner

There’s nothing worse than for your AC to conk out on you during the summer. Fortunately, most failing air conditioners give warning signs signaling they need a service call. Watch out for:

  • Loud operation, like grinding or squealing sounds
  • Poor air flow coming out of the vents
  • Air isn’t as cold as it used to be
  • Air conditioner keeps shutting off and turning on

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Don’t Be Afraid to Replace Your Air Conditioner

We get it; replacing an air conditioner is an expensive job, and it’s cheaper and easier to repair your old unit. But sometimes, getting a new air conditioning installation and replacement is the best way forward and here’s how to know:

  • If your air conditioner is over 20 years old, it’s at the end of its useful life
  • If your warranty has expired, the repairs are going to be expensive
  • If you’ve repaired your AC at least twice in the last five years, it’s a sign that it’s beginning to fail
  • If your energy bills continue going up, you’re better off with a higher efficiency unit

Call us and let us inspect your system and recommend the best unit for your home.

Whether you need 24 hour AC repair or a new installation, Garneski Air Conditioning & Heating is the company to call in the Centreville, VA area. Call today at 703-659-4598.