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Tips for You to Start Improving Indoor Air Quality Now!

The Benefits of Improved Air Quality

If you thought that air pollution only has to do with the ozone, haze, smog, and global climate, you are wrong. The "clean air" you breathe indoors could be more polluted than the outdoors.

Whether it’s carbon monoxide, secondhand smoke, or even asbestos inside your home, it can have a major impact on your health and comfort. Fresh air in your home not only adds comfort but also prevents health hazards. So how do you improve that air quality?

While remembering to replace your air filter is always a good start, there are plenty of other helpful ways to improve air quality. This article will discuss some simple changes you can implement today!

Cleaner Floors Means Cleaner Air

clean floorsYou may not realize it, but your flooring is ground zero for impurities. As you go throughout your day, the soles of your shoes catch all the impurities found on the floor. Once you walk indoors, you’re essentially transferring those impurities to your carpeting and flooring.

For carpeted floors, ensure that you clean your floor thoroughly to remove contaminants trapped in the carpet fibers. If you have a rug, remember to take it out at least once a month or so and shake it out. You’ll be shocked to find how much dust and debris are hidden inside the fibers.

While tile, wood, and laminate floors might be easier to clean, they’re just as susceptible to grime and dirt. Remember to sweep and mop at least once a week, and for homeowners looking for a deeper clean, be sure to scrub into the grout. Not only does this improve the look fo your home, but also it can keep allergins outside of your home.

Let Some Fresh Air Inside

Windows not only light-up your rooms but also ventilate the house. By keeping the windows closed indefinitely, you allow pollutants to remain trapped. You should open your windows routinely, even if it is for a short period. Obviously, you’ll want to wait for the outdoor temperatures to be cooler, so your home doesn’t overheat.

open windows

This process helps improve air circulation throughout your home and can help limit impurity levels and pollutants. Besides, oxygen-laden outdoor air seeps in taking the place of carbon dioxide, helping you and your family breathe easier.

Don’t Ignore Potential Repair Issues

find the sourceDespite all your hard work, if air quality problems persist in your home, you must find the root cause and deal with it. Broken or poorly maintained HVAC equipment also affects the flow of fresh air. Often, this could be as a result of clogged ducts or filters that you have not replaced.

The presence of pollutants in the air causes air filters to wear out quickly. Once this problem kicks in, that blocked air filter can allow empties into your air and create a drop in the airflow. This means worse air, low airflow, and higher than usual energy costs.

By changing your air filters and checking your air system regularly, you will avoid all these problems. Usually, HVAC experts will inspect your equipment and carry out maintenance for you. This helps create a healthier home and will also lower your energy costs, a win-win for any homeowner.

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