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Tips for Keeping Temperatures Comfortable for a Scary Movie Marathon

Expert Tips for Maintaining a Comfortable Home Temperature

As the leaves change and the spooky season begins, people head indoors to drink apple cider, pop some popcorn, and binge-watch scary movies. While much of that time can be spent hiding from ghosts and goblins under a blanket on the couch, that doesn’t mean blankets should be mandatory because the temperature in the home won’t stay where it’s set. 

By taking a few, easy tips into account, any homeowner can help keep the home’s temperature where they want it, with or without ghostly houseguests.

Watch the Thermostat


If the home temperature seems to vary significantly from what it was originally set, the problem may not be with the entire HVAC system. Instead, one small box could be causing a much larger problem.

While it may not look like much, the home’s thermostat, when malfunctioning, can be the cause of many commonly misdiagnosed HVAC problems. In some cases, repairing the thermostat and returning a steady temperature to the home can be as simple as replacing the batteries regularly. 

In other cases, a malfunctioning thermostat may need to be replaced entirely. In that situation, a great recommendation is to replace an older thermostat with a newer smart thermostat. Smart thermostats, which run on WiFi and can be accessed from anywhere using an easily downloaded app, are not just easy to use. They can also lead to some serious financial savings, as they can help make the home more energy-efficient.

Check the Air Filter

Another way to keep the home’s temperature comfortable this fall and winter is by making sure to check and change the HVAC system’s air filter regularly. This small, generally inexpensive part can lead to some big systemic issues if not replaced on a regular schedule. It is essential to keeping the unit running both efficiently and safely all year round.

A clogged, old air filter makes the HVAC unit work much harder to push air through the home. This can lead to an increased heating bill and health problems just as scary as the movies most people watch this time of year. Dirty air filters recirculate dust and allergens around the home, flaring up asthma and allergy issues.

Every system is different, and the frequency in which an air filter may need to be changed can vary. For personalized recommendations, check with a local HVAC technician.

Don’t Be Haunted By Forgetting Maintenance! 

One last critical part of maintaining a steady and comfortable home temperature is scheduling regular, professional HVAC maintenance services. 

holding hvac tools

Not only can these services identify potential problems before they occur, but they can also keep the HVAC unit running efficiently and safely all year round. It can even extend the system's lifespan! Maintenance should be performed twice a year, at the very least. It is recommended that this happens in the spring and the fall before the HVAC unit gets the most usage. 

During these services, HVAC technicians check the unit for physical and electrical problems, check and potentially replace air filters, and give further services to keep the unit working at its optimal efficiency. It’s well worth the money.

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