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Staying on Top of Your Heating System And Fire Safety Procedures

Employ Fire Safety Tactics at Home

With colder days approaching, it’s a good time of year to prepare for the winter and to ensure that your home’s heater is working properly. As part of that check, it’s important to also take fire safety precautions, as heaters are the second most common cause of home fires (kitchens are the first).

Taking a few extra precautions could help to avoid a dangerous and costly home fire. With that in mind, here are some heating fire safety tips from HVAC professionals.

Don’t Forget about Heater or Furnace Air Filters

heater filtersIt can be easy to forget to change the heater’s air filter once or twice. It happens to even the most conscientious homeowner, yet it’s a habit to avoid whenever possible.

Regularly changing air filters not only helps to keep the unit running efficiently and to improve air quality, but it also helps to keep heaters safe.

Changing air filters clears out any flammable materials that might have gotten caught in the filter. Doing this is one easy way to be fire safe this winter.

On average, filters should be changed every 90 days, but if there’s more dust in the air than usual, the unit is running less efficiently, there are strange smells near the unit or the filter is visibly dirty, it’s a good idea to go ahead and change it regardless of when it was last changed.

Be Careful with Space Heaters

Many people rely on space heaters to stay warm during the winter months. While they can be an effective way to ensure that certain spaces and areas are comfortable even on the coldest days, space heaters are responsible for an alarming number of home fires. Avoid using them whenever possible.

space heaters

If a space heater must be used, ensure that someone is always attending to it. Further, make sure that any space heater used has an emergency cut-off or an automatic shutdown feature. This will help to ensure fire safety even in the event of an accidental fall. Be wary about using space heaters and always practice extreme caution when doing so.

Home Insurance and Fire Insurance

home insuranceEven when taking all necessary precautions, sometimes accidents happen. Unfortunately, this is true with fires too. While you can’t always avoid them, you can prepare for them.

With that in mind, fall is a good time to review your homeowners’ insurance to confirm that it covers fires along with your air quality. This is one quick thing to do to help protect your home and your family should the unexpected happen.

If you find that your policy does not cover it, it may also be a good time to reassess your home’s safety parameters and determine whether upgrading your coverage is the right option for your home.

Work With a Local Expert

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