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Keep Allergies at Bay This Season

Keep Allergies Away With These Simple Tips

Allergies are always a problem when the warmer months arrive, and for some, allergies are around all year. HVAC professionals are here to fill homeowners in on how they can help keep allergy symptoms to a minimum with just a few changes. There are few methods they can follow to keep allergies at bay. 

  • Seal Them Out: The best way to keep allergies out of the home is to ensure that it’s sealed. Keeping the home sealed tightly can prevent allergens from making their way inside. Homeowners should seal gaps and holes with caulk, weather stripping, or even spray foam. Keep pollen from entering the home by closing windows and doors at night between 5 pm and 10 am. 
  • Dander Control: Pets can bring dander that can cause allergy symptoms to flare up. The proteins found in pet saliva, dander, and urine are very common allergens. Homeowners can keep these controlled by bathing their pets regularly and vacuuming. Additionally, keep them out of the bedroom and off of the furniture. 
  • Clean Regularly: Cleaning the home regularly can keep allergens to a minimum. Though there’s no way to completely eliminate allergens, cleaning the home regularly can reduce the buildup of dander, pollen, mold, and other irritants. 


Remove the Dust

Not allowing dust to accumulate on surfaces is a great way to keep allergens away. Those with a dust allergy will be more sensitive to dust than those without a dust allergy. Homeowners can use HEPA air cleaners to filter out dust particles in the air. Furthermore, they can ensure that surfaces are dusted so that it isn’t building up. 

Homeowners can also make use of a central vacuum or a HEPA vacuum. These vacuums filter out the dust as it runs to avoid it being spewed back into the air. 

If the homeowner has an HVAC system, they should opt for a high-efficiency media filter with a MERV rating of 11 or 12 in both the furnace and air conditioning unit. They should then ensure that it’s set to “fan” to create a “whole house” air filter that can remove particulates. This filter should be changed once every three months. 

Air Circulation With Open Windows 

open the windows As the warm weather approaches, homeowners should begin to think about opening their windows. When the windows are shut all winter, it can leave particulates and moisture to build up throughout the home. This can heighten allergies, making it uncomfortable to breathe.

Opening the windows on either end of the house will allow the air to circulate better. It will create a nice cross breeze as well. Homeowners can also utilize a windows exhaust fan to help bring the air in or out. 


Air Filter Replacement

air filter Homeowners should have their HVAC technician come out once every three months to replace the filter on their air conditioning and furnace units. The reason they have to be changed so frequently is that they can extend the HVAC system’s life, reduce energy bills, and improve indoor air quality. 

Dirty air filters are the main reason why HVAC units quit. Dirt builds up, and the air can’t get through, leading to poor air quality and an overheating system. The motor will need to work harder, which could lead to its premature failure. 

Additionally, changing the filters can keep energy costs down. Clogged air filters increase the energy that is being used to run the system. The more energy being used equals more money owed on the electric bill. 

Lastly, changing the air filter leads to healthier air quality. For anybody who suffers from allergies or asthma, this is extremely important. Dirty air filters make the air quality worse in the home and can exacerbate allergy or asthma symptoms. Having pets can also contribute to the debris buildup in the filters. 

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