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Great Gift Ideas for Dad on Father's Day

A New AC on Father’s Day!

This time of year, families are faced with choices: what do we get dad for Father’s Day? While Mother’s Day gifts usually revolve around flowers or helping mom feel appreciated, Father’s Day gifts are often about getting dad new tools to help him with chores around the house. This Father’s Day, get him something that can help him and the whole family, a new air conditioning system. 

Fathers work hard to provide for their families, so an air conditioner is a great way to show appreciation. Not only is a new air conditioner beneficial for him, but the whole family can also reap the benefits as well. Here is a quick guide from local Sterling AC installation specialists to help the process along. 

Prevents Health Issues

hvac As the temperatures outside start to rise, more and more people may seek shelter indoors with the air conditioning. With all that time spent inside, the air circulating throughout the house has to be clean. Otherwise, health problems can result. Air with a high level of dust or allergens can significantly contribute to allergy problems, sinus infections, or asthma. Additionally, the level of humidity can destroy the lung’s protective defenses and cause respiratory issues.  

These problems are common with older air conditioning systems because they have a hard time keeping up as they age. By installing a new air conditioning system, families can reap the benefits of having cleaner air. As a bonus, it will help the house stay cleaner by reducing dust and preventing mold growth. 

Comfort Equals Productivity and Better Sleep

sleeping The effect of quality sleep on health and productivity cannot be understated. Even missing one good night’s sleep can affect work productivity and mood for days. Studies show that the best temperature for sleeping is around 65 degrees. With a new air conditioning system, this is easily achievable. 

Give dad the gift of good rest and recovery. By having good quality rest, he can be energetic and enthusiastic, ready to take on the challenges of each new day. 

Install Energy-Efficient Models

Installing a new air conditioner is an excellent time to examine options for energy efficiency. Older air conditioners are less energy-efficient by nature, as they tend to lose efficiency every year. This results in decreased comfort and increased cooling bills at the same time. An energy-efficient air conditioner can save money and keep a home more comfortable. 

For families looking to install a new air conditioner that is energy efficient, try to become familiar with the SEER rating system. The SEER rating of an air conditioner is an average of the expected operating cost over a year of running a particular model of air conditioner. SEER ratings are numbers between 10 and 23. The higher the number, the more efficient the air conditioner will be. 

For an air conditioner model that is proven to save money, look for an Energy Star rating from the EPA. Air conditioners start earning Energy Stars at SEER 14 and higher. A certified Energy Star-rated air conditioner means that it will save money in operation, keep the home more comfortable for less money and reduce the environmental impact of cooling the house. 

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