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Get All Your Freon Questions Answered

Understanding Freon

There’s nothing better than a cool home on a hot summer day. Whether you work outside in the heat and sun or you’re at work then come home to relax with your family, a working air conditioner unit is an absolute must-have during the summer. People use it so often that it regularly goes ignored on a daily basis. As long as there is cool air wafting through a home, most everyone ignores the system responsible for such comfort. 

As soon as an air conditioning unit stops working, however, everyone sits up and takes notice. It might not be immediately recognized, but eventually, the lack of cool air blowing, the increasing heat, the sticky feeling, and the increased discomfort experienced will point everyone to realizing something is dreadfully wrong with their air conditioning unit.

After checking the thermostat, fears are often confirmed - it’s far hotter in the house than it should be. In this article, you’ll learn about the essential component of freon in an AC system, services to keep your AC running well, and how to maintain your unit.

What Is Freon for Your AC?

what is freonFreon is a colorless gas that is used in refrigeration systems to provide cooling in air conditioning units, upright and chest freezers, and even commercial and industrial appliances and cold storage warehouses. 

In your air conditioning system, freon moves through coils and cools down into a liquid form. As a liquid, it absorbs heat from the air that moves over it. Air is then pushed out of the unit in a cooled form. This works the same for home AC systems and car units, as well. The AC is dependent upon this refrigerant to work properly. If the freon leaks, then your AC will stop blowing cold air.

If you’re experiencing a freon leak, you’ll need an HVAC technician to look at your unit. Repair can be tricky if not done properly and should never be DIYed. Most leaks will be evident due to a small hole or crack in a coil. While small leaks might be fixed with a repair kit, larger leaks might need to be fixed by soldering the hole shut. 

HVAC Services for Freon

Freon is an essential part of your home’s AC system. The loss of too much freon means the loss of cooled air pumped into your home. Without freon, you’ll soon find your home circulating warm air without it ever lowering the temperature. 

hvac services

Even the smallest freon leak, over time, can reduce the efficiency and output of your AC unit. The only way to fix the problem is to find the leak and stop it, then refill your unit with the appropriate amount of freon. Until this is done, your AC won’t work properly.

Freon Maintenance

freon maintenanceIf you want to ensure your unit runs properly and avoid freon leaks, then the most important thing you can do is perform regular maintenance on your unit.

This comes in the form of twice-yearly checks by an HVAC technician. Before you start using the AC each spring/summer and the heater every fall/winter, have a technician come out and inspect your unit.

They’ll look for common problem areas such as cracks, holes, and worn components. Catching problems with your unit is key to keeping your repair costs low.

Family-Owned, Trusted HVAC Technicians

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