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Family Heating And Cooling Tips For a More Efficient Home

Tips to Make Your Heating & Cooling System Energy Efficient

Many people are focusing on making sure that their homes are as energy-efficient as possible, but aren’t quite sure where to start. However, with the following tips from professional HVAC technicians, homeowners can reduce their family heating and cooling costs while also guaranteeing a fully functioning HVAC system. They are also incredibly easy to put into place, starting today!

Tip #1: Increase The Home’s Insulation

increase insulationOne way to keep the home comfortable while also being energy efficient is to increase the insulation in the home. This keeps the cold air out during the winter and the cool air in during the summer. It can also significantly reduce family heating and cooling costs.

This can be done by sealing drafts around windows and door frames. Weatherstripping, draft stoppers, and even plastic sheeting can help stop energy loss all year round. It can also be done by installing unfaced insulation in the attic, where the majority of heat loss in the home occurs.

If the heating and cooling loss seems to be coming from the walls of the home, a professional may need to be called to install insulation inside the walls. This is incredibly useful but is often too much for a homeowner to attempt on their own. The cost of hiring a professional is ultimately worth the amount that can be saved on family heating and cooling costs.

Tip #2: Install Curtains

When focusing on keeping a comfortable climate inside the home, a commonly overlooked tip is also one of the most simple… curtains! The interior temperature of the home can be affected by all sorts of outside factors. This includes sunlight, rain, snow, etc changing the temperature of the windows, which changes the entire temperature of the home.

use curtains

That’s what makes better blackout curtains such a great family heating and cooling efficiency tip. Installing a good quality, dark curtain that can completely cover the window in the event of any extreme temperatures can stop the outside temperature from creating any changes in the efficiency of the home’s HVAC system. The best part is, this is also a relatively inexpensive fix! Plus, they add some style to your home as well, which makes them both practical and functional for your home.

Tip #3: Use Ceiling Fans

use house fansOne last tip to maintain family heating and cooling energy efficiency is to use the home’s ceiling fans appropriately. Knowing the right settings to use during both the winter and the summer can help keep the desired temperature in the home, along with helping you avoid common HVAC problems.

In the summer, the fan should always turn counterclockwise. This pushes cool air downwards, which helps the room feel up to eight degrees cooler. Ultimately, this can help homeowners save up to 40% on their family heating and cooling costs. It can also reduce the amount of time the central HVAC system needs to be running.

During the winter, homeowners should change the direction of the fan to clockwise and at a low speed. This will pull the cool air back up, and returns the warmer air back down. The way that the fan helps redistribute the warm air helps the room feel more comfortable without having to change much.

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