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Beat the Heat This Summer With Mini-Split Cooling!

Mini Split Cooling Can Be More Cost-Effective Than Traditional Systems During the Summer Months

Remember being little and hearing “Close the door!” when coming in from outside? Children don’t appreciate that the AC unit has to work extra hard to keep the whole house cool every time the door opens. Think of that upcoming 4th of July party; it’s going to include fun, family, and lots of opening and closing doors. While everyone is having a great time, the AC unit will be running overtime and causing the utility bill to rise. Does this issue sound a little too familiar? Maybe a ductless cooling system is an answer.

How Ductless Cooling Works

Ductless cooling consists of one single condenser connected to individual evaporator units in any desired number of rooms. Instead of using traditional ductwork throughout the home, the ductless wall-mounted evaporators have a built-in fan to distribute cool air in any room. Different options are available depending on how many rooms need to be cooled. Each unit is separately controlled and adjusted, allowing for ultimate customization within the home.

Mini Split Cooling Allows You to Cool Rooms Independently


Keep control of cooling costs during the annual 4th of July party! When the home uses a traditional central AC system, homeowners must consider different options before any party: turn off the AC and let the whole house be warm, or keep it on, so bedrooms stay cool. If the AC unit stays on, it will work hard to maintain the temperature throughout the home, adding extra costs to the party budget. But things are different with a mini-split cooling system

Instead of cringing when that nine-year-old comes inside and leaves the slider open again, turn off the wall-mounted unit in the affected part of the home. At the end of the party, restart the evaporator to bring the room back to temperature. But in the meantime, the bedroom units will have kept the rooms nice and cool for some well-earned rest.

Ductless Mini Splits Can Improve Air Quality in Your Home

air qualityTraditional ductwork requires regular professional cleaning to minimize the risk of accumulated dust, mold, and allergens. That cost is automatically eliminated with ductless mini-splits since the fan is built right into the evaporator and does not require a ductwork system. 

These units can also effectively remove humidity from the home because it is cooling air from right in that room. When warm air hits the coolant, excess moisture condenses and drips down into a collector within the evaporator. Then the fan blows cool air back into the room, quickly and effectively reducing humidity in the room and improving air quality.

About Garneski Air Conditioning & Heating

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