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A Beginner's Guide To Air Conditioners

Here’s How Homes and Businesses Stay Cool

Nearly every modern home has an air conditioner, but most homeowners don’t understand the inner workings of their AC unit. The great thing about AC units is they hardly ever need the attention of the homeowner. They are relatively low maintenance. That said, the most efficient units are the units that get routine professional maintenance. A homeowner should never try to service their own AC unit, especially if they aren’t familiar with how it works. This can lead to further damages and expensive repairs down the line. 

Below is more information homeowners should know about their air conditioners and why it’s so important to call a professional. 

The Anatomy of an Air Conditioner

ac parts The anatomy of an air conditioner might seem complicated at first, but there aren’t a lot of moving parts that make up the unit itself. That said, it is still always recommended that a professional service the unit whenever it needs maintenance or repairs. The below list is meant to help homeowners understand their air conditioner a little better so they know when to call in a professional.

 Still, here is the anatomy of the modern-day air conditioner:

  • The Cooling Compartment:
  • Cold coil
  • Blower or fan
  • The Condensing Unit
  • Compressor
  • Condenser coil
  • Fan 

Although maintenance repairs and replacement might be complicated, The functionality of an air conditioner and self is pretty simple. 

How It All Works


Now that homeowners have a basic understanding of the anatomy of an air conditioner, it is time to take a closer look at how everything works. Again, it is always best to have a professional present when there is a need for maintenance or repairs on the AC unit. However, it pays off to know how the air conditioner works so homeowners can call in a professional the moment they noticed something is off. 

The cooling compartment is often located in the furnace within the home, while the condensing unit is the part that is located in the outdoor unit. The fan within the condensing unit draws warm air into the unit that is placed through the condenser coil and blown back into the home once it is cool again. Freon keeps the condenser coil cool enough to turn the hot air into cold air. 

The Importance of AC Professionals

It is always best to have a professional present when working on an air conditioner. This is especially true for homeowners with newer air conditioners or those who have never worked on an air conditioner themselves. Regardless, it's always best to have a professional there just for safety reasons as well as efficiency. The homeowner is likely to spend less money on yearly professional maintenance than if they were to try to repair their unit themselves.

Yearly professional maintenance is the best way to avoid air conditioner breakdowns at any point in the year. 

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