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3 Bad HVAC Habits Every Homeowner Should Resolve to Change This Year

Common Mistakes Homeowners Don't Know They're Making

Nearly every home in the modern world has an HVAC system in it. However, the vast majority of homeowners have no idea how their HVAC system works or common signs to look for that point to impending breakdown. Not only that, but homeowners don't know how to care for their HVAC systems properly.

There are three things in particular that every homeowner needs to stop doing right now! Local professionals see these things all the time in HVAC systems. They are three bad habits that, when resolved, will not only save the HVAC system but will save the homeowners money as well. 

The Air Filter

Something incredibly easy to overlook is the HVAC system's air filter. Homeowners should change the air filter often, about once every three to six months, to keep it from clogging. Of course, those that have pets should change their air filter more often than others. 

However, most homeowners don't know that they are buying the wrong air filter to begin with. This leads to problems with the HVAC system. Not only does the filter have to be the right size, but it has to have the right minimum efficiency reporting or Merv Rating. 

Essentially, the Merv Rating is how fine the air filter purifies the particles in the air. If the homeowner puts an air filter with too low or too high of an efficiency rating, it can lead to problems with the system's functionality. 

Regular Maintenance and Inspections Get Neglected

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Homeowners always complain about the money they have to spend to care for their home. Arguably the most common service that homeowners neglect in the home is regular maintenance and inspections of the HVAC system. 

However, neglecting regular maintenance will usually lead to more money spent on repairs in the long run. When the system is properly maintained, the homeowner is more likely to know about problems before they become problems. As a result, it saves them the effort and money of repairing the issue because they fixed the problem before it progressed further. 

These common problems usually occur when homeowners don't have their HVAC system regularly maintained: 

These are just a few of the problems that homeowners see. Of course, nearly every problem associated with an HVAC system can be traced to how often the homeowner has their system maintained. 

Trying To Fix the Unit Without a Professional

HVAC systems might not seem complicated, and in their basic functionality, they aren't. However, when it comes down to fixing a problem properly, homeowners must always call a professional. 

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Sometimes homeowners skip out on a professional to save money, but in the end, they spend more money than if they called a professional. Not only that, but professionals are trained experts in this line of work, so there are safety procedures and efficient ways of fixing problems that the regular homeowner isn't going to be aware of. 

Trying to fix the unit without a professional is by far the most important bad habit that every homeowner needs to break this New Year!

Garneski Air Conditioning & Heating Can Help

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