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How to use your HVAC System after Mold Treatment

How to use your HVAC System after Mold Treatment

One of the embarrassing moments is when you turn on your air conditioner, hoping to get relaxed, only to find out it is not working. In such a case, you should contact an HVAC contractor near you. The company will help you treat mold and ensure your system will start functioning well. After mold treatment, it is essential to ensure your HVAC system will remain in good condition. Here is how to use the system to avoid mold returning after the treatment.

Ensure the ducts are dry

The ducts found in the HVAC system may end up accumulating mold due to large amounts of moisture. After treatment, you should ask the company to confirm if the ducts are affected. Always clean, fix, and replace the water–damaged components.

Use disinfectant

Once the HVAC in Alexandria, VA, is done treating molds in your system, you have to ensure they do not spend more money on treatment. Therefore, you should always treat the system with disinfectant. It is necessary to read and understand all information in the disinfectant container before using it.

Replace your HVAC filters regularly

Dirty and damp filters will not do their job well. They cannot trap mold and other contaminants. Once you realize that your HVAC system is not functioning correctly, you have to look for services from an HVAC contractor in Herndon, VA. After treating the molds, you will be required to keep replacing your filters.

Purchase a Dehumidifier

Trying to prevent humidity can be a constant war if you are not careful. To win the battle, you need to purchase a dehumidifier. It prevents mold and excess moisture from creeping into your HVAC system. However, buying a small portable one will only take out the humidity in one area. Thus, you should purchase a whole-home unit to help control moisture in your entire home.

Maintain the HVAC system

Maintaining the system does not only help you ensure it is functioning well, but it also prevents mold. After hiring mold treatment services, you need to schedule seasonal maintenance tune-ups with an experienced technician. This way, you will keep your home free from mold.

Maintain Your Drain Pans

Do you want to minimize your expenses on mold treatment? One way is by Maintaining the drain pans. Always try to clean your drain pans regularly. Standing water in the system will build up in the drain pan and may result in the growth of mold in the HVAC system.

Check the Air Intake.

The presence of dumpsters in the HVAC system may result in mold buildup. Always make sure the areas below the air intake are clean by removing bird dropping and any other waste.


We are always ready to provide you with the best solution. Our HVAC contractors aim to ensure you have the required information on how to use the system after treatment and repairs. For more information or to schedule an appointment contact Garneski today!