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Get Ahead of the Chill with Early HVAC Unit Maintenance

hvac maintenance

Winter Is Coming: Homeowners Need to Be Prepared!

At this point, as this area of the world has just gone through the hottest part of the year, a homeowner may not be thinking about things like heater maintenance. Who wants to think about adding heat in instead of removing it? Fall temperatures and cold fronts are just around the corner, and turning on a heating unit without prior inspection may be a big mistake. Consider an early appointment with an HVAC maintenance professional to get things ready before it’s needed.

With this check-up, a home’s heating system is guaranteed to work as soon as temperatures drop.

The Importance of Heater Maintenance

If a person considers history, they will realize that everything from society to buildings fall apart. The same is true of machinery. Things break down and fall apart and malfunction simply due to age. Regular maintenance can mitigate the destructive power of time and environmental effects. Regularly scheduled maintenance has many benefits, including the following:

  • Peak unit efficiency
  • Lower energy costs
  • Longer life for the unit

clockBut It Seems Too Early To Worry About That

Peter Gzowski said, “Summer never begins early enough and always ends too soon.” When it comes to scheduling a check-up for a home heating system, these are words to remember. While the weather may still be warm, falling autumn temps are only weeks away. Stores are already ramping up their pumpkin decor, reminding customers of the season to come. Right now is the perfect time to prepare.

HVAC contractors are more likely to have openings in their schedule this early in the season, so early birds will be able to find an appointment that is most convenient for them. If the maintenance is done soon, a home’s heating system will be ready when the winds blow chilly and the icy rains come to town.

Typical Steps for HVAC Maintenanceheater maintenace

There are several steps that a homeowner can do themselves to maximize their HVAC unit’s efficiency, including cleaning clogged filter and making sure the area around the unit is free of brush and weeds that can get caught in the fan. Still, when a professional is called, they have many more tasks for them to perform.

  • Thermostat: The technician will inspect the thermostat to be sure it is connected and functioning as it should.
  • Moving Parts: All the moving parts of the unit need to be lubricated.
  • Electrical Connections: The connections may need to be tightened to promote the proper function of the heating unit.
  • Fuel Pressure: The fuel pressure level is important for proper heating as well as safety.
  • Fuel Line: Connections to the fuel line should be checked and tightened as necessary.
  • Heat Exchange and Burner: the burner will be cleaned, and the heat exchanger checked for cracks.
  • Blower: This may need to be cleaned and/or adjusted in order to promote proper airflow.
  • Drain and Drain Pan: The drain may need to be cleaned and the drain pan checked for cracks to prevent leaks and water damage.

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