Sterling Air Conditioning Installation & Replacement

Don’t let a failing air conditioner ruin your summer. Call Garneski Air Conditioning & Heating today and ask about our air conditioning installation service.

Residents of Sterling, VA expect high temperatures during the summer months. That’s why it’s essential that your AC system works reliably and efficiently to keep you and your family cool and comfortable. If something isn’t right, or if your AC is at the end of its life, call us and let us show you the options available.

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Signs You Need an AC Replacement

The thought of getting a new air conditioner leaves many people hot under the collar; it’s a hassle and an expense. However, a new AC can save you money as you use it. Here are five signs your AC is ready to go.

  • Unit puts out poor air flow
  • AC doesn’t put out cold air or air that’s cold enough for you
  • Home feels humid
  • You’re repairing your AC more frequently
  • AC is over 20 years old

The older your system is, the more prone to problems it is. A new, high efficiency system will eliminate the constant repair costs, and save you money on your energy bills.

Repair or Replace? What’s Best for Your AC?

Eventually, you’ll face the dilemma of whether to repair your aging air conditioner or replace it. Most people would rather replace it because it’s cheaper, but sometimes a replacement makes more financial sense. Here’s how to know:

  • If your AC is over 20 years old, it’s at the end of its natural life and replacement is the better options.
  • If you’re repairing your AC more often, or if the repairs are becoming more expensive because of hard-to-get parts, getting a new system is the better way to go.
  • If your energy bills continue to rise because your AC is becoming less efficient, a new one will save you money every month.
  • If the cost of the repair is 50% or more than that of a replacement, getting an air conditioning replacement makes more economic sense.

Your evaporator coil plays a vital role in your AC’s function. Check out our evaporator coil services and find out if you need a replacement.

Common Air Conditioner Problems

Your air conditioner is a complex machine, and like any machine, it’s prone to breaking down if it’s not cared for or as it ages. Here are the most common AC issues and when you need to call a professional for help.

  • Poor maintenance: Failing to maintain your system causes premature breakdowns and aging
  • Thermostat problems: The thermostat sensor can fail or come out of place which causes irregular temperatures
  • Poor drainage: If the weather is humid, your condensate drain is prone to clogging, which can cause problems with the air conditioner

If you notice any of the above problems or any other issues with your AC, call an air conditioning installation service for help.

Whether you have a minor air conditioner problem or need a new installation, call Garneski Air Conditioning & Heating in the Sterling, VA area at 703-659-4598.